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Colorectal Cancer :

About the Colorectal : Colorectal cancer occurs when healthy cells in the colon or rectum lining alter and grow out of control, causing a tumor. Tumors can be malignant or noncancerous. A malignant tumor is one that has the potential to develop and spread to other regions of the body. The term “benign tumor” refers … Read more

Cervical Cancer

About the Cervix In the female reproductive system, the cervix is the lowest, thin section of the uterus. During pregnancy, the uterus houses a developing foetus. The cervix connects the lowest section of the uterus to the vagina and creates the birth canal with the vagina. Cervical cancer develops when healthy cells on the cervix’s … Read more

Breast Cancer

About the breast The breast is made up of many tissues that range from highly fatty to very dense. A network of lobes exists inside this tissue. Each lobe is made up of lobules, which are little tube-like structures that contain milk glands. The glands, lobules, and lobes are linked by small ducts that transport … Read more

Kidney Cancer

About the kidneys Every person has two kidneys, one on each side of the spine above the waist. Each of these reddish-brown, bean-shaped organs is the size of a tiny hand. They are found in the back of the body rather than the front. Impurities, excess minerals and salts, and excess water are removed from … Read more

Bone Cancer

Bone Cancer About bones There are 206 bones in the mature human skeletal system. Bones protect internal organs, enable humans to stand upright, and connect to muscles, allowing movement. Ligaments are bands of strong, fibrous tissue that link bones to other bones. Cartilage protects and covers the joints where bones meet. Bone marrow, the spongy, … Read more

Bladder Cancer

About the bladder, renal pelvis, and ureter The bladder is a hollow structure in the pelvis that holds pee before urination. The bladder is an important element of the urinary system because of this function. The kidneys, ureters, and urethra are all part of the urinary tract. The renal pelvis is a funnel-shaped portion of … Read more

Lymphoma Non-Hodgkin

About The Lymphatic System The lymphatic system is made up of narrow tubes and clusters of tiny bean-shaped structures called lymph nodes that are found all over the body. The belly, groyne, pelvis, chest, underarms, and neck have the biggest groupings of lymph nodes. The lymphatic system transports lymph, a colourless fluid containing lymphocytes, a … Read more