Texpro Protein Powder

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Texpro Protein Powder

TEXPRO –Whey Protein Powder. Provides strength and Vitality during Chemo Therapy. Texpro is a  balanced Whey Protein supplement. Fortified with essential Vitamins, minerals and DHA.

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Protein efficacy ratio more than 2.7 is a superior Protein sourceJ.R. Hoffman & Michael J. Falvo @ journal of sports, science & Medicine (2004) 3,118-130.

  • TeXpro is an  ideal partner during Chemo therapy and Radiation
  • TeXpro helps in the rejuvenation of cancer patients during treatment
  • TeXpro strengthens the Immune system & helps repair body tissues.

Indication :

Patients undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiation during any type of cancer treatment.

In CKD patients protein supplementations to be given under strict guidance from the medical practitioner.

  • Sugar free so ideal for Diabetic patients.
  • Each 30 grams powder contains 15.6 grams of Protein.
  • Vanilla Flavored, Tastes best with Milk.