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The Company’s R&D competencies are in the development of intellectual property for non-infringing methods and the resolution of complicated chemical problems. Biotexus Pharmaceutical is now working on innovative medication delivery methods, dosage formulations, and the implementation of new technologies to improve procedures. Organic synthesis, analytical research, dosage form development, pharmacology, bio-equivalence investigations, and drug delivery systems are all areas where the Centre satisfies cGLP standards.
The Centre’s instruments and analytical knowledge base facilitates to:
This highlights the Company’s dedication to developing cutting-edge technologies and building a knowledge basis in chemical synthesis, high-quality generic formulations, and drug delivery system development.
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In the field of oncological drugs, the Centre is well prepared to treat a variety of developmental difficulties. The infrastructure that is now available includes


Dedicated room and laboratory for dealing with very strong chemicals such as hormones.

As evidenced by its success in establishing distinctive and unique product portfolios, Biotexus is guided and driven by its R&D experience. Our R&D efforts are in line with our company mission of “Providing High-Quality Medicines at reasonable Prices Around the World.”
Biotexus’s R&D use science and technology to produce medications that enhance the health of millions of people, and is dedicated to continuous learning and innovation in keeping with our philosophy of “Health is in the Details.”
Biotexus’s research and development efforts are in line with our corporate mission of bringing cheap, high-quality medicines to market to meet unmet patient needs.It creates solutions that enable us to fulfil our mission and goals.

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